Mitsuishi Moments

It was a very hot day today. Honeybee and Ladybug Class had lots of fun digging holes with Nathan Teacher!

After digging holes, it was time to swing on the monkey bars! Honeybee and Ladybug Class are getting better and better at swinging.

Next, it was time for P.E with Fujiwara Teacher. Ready, set, go! Honeybee and Ladybug Class can run very fast. The sun was shining and it was very hot, but they still did their best!

After a hard morning, it was time for lunch. It was Lunchbox Day for Honeybee and Ladybug Class! They ate their lunchboxes together and had lots of yummy food.

Today’s lunch was Boiled Vegetables with noodles, natto, miso soup with carrots and brown rice. Delicious!

Mitsuishi Moments

Today was a very hot day at Mitsuishi Kodomoen.

Honeybee Class started off the day with their morning greetings. They are very good at putting their feet in a V shape, standing straight and saying “Good Morning!” It’s important to start the day with a big smile!

Today Ladybug Class played in the hall. They praticed their rolling, jumping, crawling and swinging on the monkey bars. It was very fun!

Honeybee Class also had lots of fun crawling and all did their best.

Next, Honeybee Class had some fun with Nathan. They sang some English songs together and praticed saying colors in English. They love singing the Rainbow Song with Nathan.

Today everyone brought their own lunchbox and they all looked delicious. Honeybee Class all sat very nicely whilst eating their lunch. They are great!

Mitsuishi Moments

Hello everyone! Today, the sun was shining and it was very warm outside. In the morning, Ladybug Class and Honeybee Class all decided to draw pictures on the ground. They are all very good at drawing!

Next, it was time to go for a run. Doesn’t everyone look like they’re having fun? Everyone can run very fast and really enjoys the morning dash!

After the dash, everybody climbed up the hill right to the top. It seemed a little scary at first but now everybody can climb to the top easily without crying. Playing outside and having Autumn adventures is fun!

After all of the fun in the morning, Ladybug Class used glue, origami paper and toilet roll to make a craft. I wonder what they made? Usually they use scissors to cut the paper but today they used their hands to tear it into little pieces.

Todays lunch was simmered vegetables, black rice, miso soup with cabbage and natto with beansprouts. Yummy!





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